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HOW to create your own Device Profile?

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Browse SevOne SNMP Device Profiles and find your device. If it is not there, search our database of custom user Device Profiles.

You still cannot find your device? Make a request.

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When you find your Device Profile save it to your hard drive.

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Import the Device Profile into SevOne NMS and collect data!

In SevOne Connect you can find:

Device Profile enables you to monitor data from new devices for which you enable the SNMP plugin. SNMP is a standard that provides a means for devices to report statistics.

A visual tool for building Application Keys (log parsing definitions) for SevOne Performance Log Appliance.

Screenshot of the Application Key Builder


Use our predefined regular expressions or define new ones.


Quick visual feedback of any user interaction.


Palette of 10 colors help you distinguish the matches in your log.

And More

Drop files directly, live XML preview and editing, JS and PHP regex engine support and validation.

Create your own Device Profile?

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